No matter what your needs are – we are here to serve you; first and foremost.

If you bought a new home or your company moved to new offices, here are a few examples of our work:
- Renovation or new installation of your network / LAN
- Installation of new servers or workstations, or upgrading the existing one(s); together with patchfield
- Replacement of all wiring where necessary, be it LAN or electrics
- Transformation of your basement into new offices or efficient utility rooms
- The renovation of your terrace, be it with hardwood, WPC, or upscale tiling will much improve the property value
- An Italian shower will be useful, either for your home or the boardroom floor
- Would you like to ensure the general wellbeing of your staff? A change in the lighting design could do wonders
- As an aside: We also renovate antiques, such as vintage furniture, bathtubs, or fireplaces

These and many other projects are handled by our team of highly qualified workmen.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our sister company Europe Security, a fist-class purveyor of security-related installations.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to call us under 0489 50 31 41 or send an email to contact(at)